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Empowering people and Business for maximum advantage and gain


Zudeco was founded by a collective of individuals who have over 40 years of global experience. We are a progressive consultancy and solution driven service provider rich with knowledge and an appreciation of all aspects of business operations. Whether you are an individual who wants to turn a great idea into a reality, or a private company that wants to grow, diversify or expand globally, Zudeco provides businesses sound solutions and assistance in all aspects of operation. We partner with you to ensure all demands are met. Your success is what is most important and Zudeco’s years of practical experience in small and large business ensures all aspects of business operation are covered. Zudeco provides a complimentary no obligation initial consultation whereby we identify areas of your operation in which we can provide assistance.

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Zudeco Advantages & Benefits

  • Accelerate Growth
  • Achieve more than you ever imagined
  • Refine your operation
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve Profitability and increase ROI
  • Maximise Time and improve efficiency
  • Expand into markets you hadn’t dreamed of
  • Tap into the spirit of entrepreneurial leadership
  • Enhance all areas of business operation
  • Work with practical entrepreneurs who have real life experience in all areas of business operation


Zudeco’s mission is to align with and inspire individuals and organisations to

reach their full potential. Experienced, practical and entrepreneurial, Zudeco will enrich your business.

Our Team

Troy DiDomenico

Director Australian Operations


Cameron Chapman

Director Australasian operations


Tram Anh Ngo

General Manager Asian Operations

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Zudeco provided the most efficient and comprehensive trade marking service, ensuring our brand integrity was protected over and above what we required.
Scott Forrestal, Director – Liftfit

We initially engaged Zudeco to co-ordinate the manufacture of one product for us from overseas. Following on from a great result with the first product produced, we subsequently had the Zudeco team manage the production of several other items.
Terry Ryan, Director – Flexiposts Pty. Ltd